Rick  and  Tad

It's Always 5 O'clock with Rick and Tad

Rick Weaver and Terry (Tad) Williams are “Rick and Tad”, a soft rock duo from Rainbow City, Alabama.

Rick and Tad have been performing together in a variety of bands since they were teenagers in the Mid 1970s. They reunited and started performing together as “Rick and Tad” in June of 2002. Since then they have performed for corporate and civic groups as well as private functions in Alabama, Florida and Georgia. In 2009 Rick and Tad opened for the country group “Restless Heart” and in November released their first CD of original music entitled “Paradise, Alabama” available on Store page.

The music of “Rick and Tad” is the soft rock, folk and country music we grew up with from the ‘60s, 70s and on. 
If you like Jimmy Buffett, James Taylor, “The Beatles”, with a little Kenny Chesney and Alan Jackson thrown in, you’re sure to enjoy the music of “Rick and Tad”.